Contact us at Grant Settlement Farms  for further information on seasonal Farm Products available for sale.

 ​Grants Settlement Farms offers a variety of products that follow the seasons. Spring finds the historic sugar bushes being tapped to make the uniquely flavoured wood fired Maple Syrup.  Summer is lush with quality horse and cattle hay, livestock contentedly grazing in pastures and gardens full of natural products.  Fall sees the tending and harvesting of the forests, and carefull planting of next seasons garlic.  While in winter the shop is humming with activity.  And then the sap begins to flow again....

From Field to Forest to Farmstead, quality Canadian Farm based products

​​  Six generations have walked the ridge of Grants Settlement Farms.  Tradition runs deep in the fields and streams and forests, as does a respect for education and preserving the land.  

  The Finan's are following in the historic family footsteps that pioneered Grants Ridge while bringing current healthy and enviromentally sound practices to the farm.