Contact us at Grant Settlement Farms  for further information on seasonal Farm Products available for sale.

​​Farm Products

At GSF we seasonally produce a mixture of Timonthy, Alfafa & Clover Hay products. We can provide small squares in a variety of order sizes. 

Additionally we also produce Straw for bedding. 

To ensure product availability contact us early in the spring with your seasonsal requirements

   The Best Things take time, and at Grants Settlement Farms traditional farming methods are combined with current knowledge to create exceptional products, offering the best of the past and present.

  This includes traditional wood fired and finished 
MAPLE SYRUP, all natural  GARLIC, pasture raised BEEF, and of course only making HAY when the sun shines! ​​

At GSF we produce an all natural crop of Hardneck  Garlic available for sale.

Our bulbs are available in large, medium and small sizes.  We can also provide  bulb stock if your looking for some planting cloves for either personal or commercial applications.

We  sell in large quantities as well as small pickup orders for personal use.   Please contact us for an appointment or in early season for large orders to ensure availability.